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    About me


    Welcome to Sav’s Dish… My little corner of the internet where I share delicious recipes and get all gushy and mushy about cooking.  

         Currently I live in Nashville, Tennessee aka Music City. While the musical city has a ton of food options and the BEST hot chicken out there… My favorite place to have a meal is in my home, with a glass of red wine and Norah Jones playing in the background.

         My love for cooking began at a young age. I’m the second oldest of five, so naturally I took on the role of “second mom” always helping my busy mama when I could. I grew up loving to set the table, wanting to stir all the things, cracking eggs and whatever else I could get messy in the kitchen doing. When I moved out on my own and started learning to cook for myself and friends, I discovered how much joy cooking brought to me. Eventually, Sav’s Dish was born.

         Being a traveler at heart, I love to explore new cities and check out the foodie scene. It inclines me to create all kinds of new dishes with a twist. For example, I went to Napa Valley, California last summer and now I can’t spend less than a half hour reading wine labels in the grocery store trying to pair the perfect bottle with dinner. While I have always loved wine, I appreciate it so much more after absorbing all the education from the brilliant sommeliers in the valley. 

         I strive to cook recipes that nourish from the inside out. Meals that make you sit back and think “wow that was really good” and still feel energized. You’re going to see a lot of dishes that use whole, fresh ingredients around here. You’re also going to see recipes that use butter or flour and you might even get inspired to make your own fresh pasta. There are an abundance of ingredients in the world and I plan to try as many as I can get my hands on! 

         I’m so happy you’re here. Let’s cook together! 

         xx, Sav